Our goal is to spread the excitement of outdoor adventure. Maybe it’s a walk around town, a scramble through a canyon or jumping out of a plane above the Swiss alps. We want to inspire people to discover, explore and share this incredible playground we call home and make the outdoors easy and accessible to everyone.
We invite you to experience it with us. Visit Outdoor Interlaken to see what we do.

Why Interlaken is Europe’s best winter destination

Check out our top reasons why we feel Interlaken, Switzerland is Europe's best winter destination. Nothing beats a Swiss winter! ahhhhh
The Outdoor Interlaken Lifestyle Shorts 2016

The Outdoor Interlaken Lifestyle Shorts 2016

OUTDOOR INTERLAKEN LIFESTYLE SHORTS (OILS) Epic stories in exotic locations never looked so good! Yes, we know… it’s summer. We don’t have time to be watching films!! Since when did that ever fly? There’s ALWAYS time to get inspired and fired up for the next trip!...

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